Cold Blooded Eye Candy

Life on the Farm

It's not just about snakes at the farm. Kassandra shows off an awesome photo of a chick coming out of the egg. We're animal lovers, after all!


We don't just love reptiles at RR, we love animals, period.  I have an old, beer drinking goat named Goldy.  We have a mess of horses, including 3 new foals - 2 of whom were born over the last week.  Naturally, we have dogs, including one we helped raise in Iraq.  He is staying with us while his adopter is finishing his work in Baghdad.  

Since returning, I'm doing all the things I couldn't do when I was traveling around overseas - like planting a garden and raising chickens!  We are trying out several breeds to see which fit us best - Cream Legbar, Blue Isbar, Red Star, and Red Ranger.  We also purchased some turkey poults - midget whites, bourbon reds and two odd birds - a slate blue and a royal palm.  Oh - and I added an apiary (beehive) to the farm!  Some days, I find myself just watching them. Not the most productive way to go about things, but incredibly rewarding.

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