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Texas Reptiles Expo San Antonio, Mar 15-16

Kassandra shares a few photographs of some of the amazing reptiles at our local show, the Texas Reptiles Expo in San Antonio, TX.


While attending most reptile expos Kassandra and I tend to miss out on just walking around the venue and enjoying the show.  It can get really busy in there at times.  San Antonio's local show, the Texas Reptiles Expo, can definitely be quite busy as well, but Sunday usually offers a little free time to have a look around.  Kassandra took advantage of the free time and got a few nice photos from the show on March 15th and 16th.


One of the favorites at the show was from Jason Trott over at ALAMOrph, a Black Pastel Lavender Albino male.  Kassandra couldn't talk him out of this guy....definitely NOT for sale.  Black Pastel most certainly kicks albino up a notch, but the lavender version is STUNNING!


Not to be outdone by the orange in the snake above, this Leopard Gecko from Landen Smith over at Captive Creations at LSReptiles was practically neon.  It's been years since we've kept leopard geckos ourselves, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the beauty!


And finally, Bob Clark's Aldabra tortoise!  If there was one animal Kassandra could have come home with from the show, this would have been it!  From Kassandra, "One of the giant tortoises, Aldabrans don't reach sexual maturity until their late teens.  Bob and Susan shared a charming story from their dating days about how protective he was of this wee one's mother.  Consider that they've now been married for over 25 years and you can appreciate the epic scale of such a project!  One of my most beloved creatures!"

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