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Scams and ID Paperwork

In this post Kassandra covers an unfortunate reality in our community: scams. More specifically, scams that involve Het paperwork for animals that, well, aren't as advertised.


If you were to buy an animal that either is known to carry or has the potential to carry a recessive gene, you would receive paperwork like this with your new snake:

scam ID photosmall

Since we live in the heyday of Photoshop, this paperwork serves no purpose unless the potential buyer contacts us to confirm that this animal is indeed what it is being represented as.  Recently, we were contacted by an individual who found himself in this exact position.  The photo above was used to try to sell him this animal:

scam snake

This is clearly not the same animal, so the scam was pretty obvious.  After contacting the owner of the above animal, we learned that he still had her and had no intentions of selling her.  He had, however, posted an "unboxing video" on Youtube when he received her back in May.  The con artist took a screen shot of that unboxing video and used it as a tool to try to sell a misrepresented animal.  The same person attempted a similar ploy with another breeder - Justin Kobylka.  In that case, the potential buyer caught onto the fact that the ID number represented a male and the animal being offered was supposed to be a female.  

The scammer could have easily created a look-alike photo document, and an unsuspecting indivdual might have purchased that animal.  When it didn't prove out, the new buyer would have been dissapointed in Royer Reptiles, or in J Kobylka Reptiles, though we would have had nothing to do with the animal they purchased.  Please, please, PLEASE - if you are buying heterozygous animals from a person who did NOT produce it themselves, do yourself a favor and double check with the original breeder!

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